What I find interesting in the creative process is that which I cannot understand. I need the work and the path leading to it to present themselves as a mystery and a challenge. I do not intend to offer a closed work, or a manifesto for art, but to show the conflicts generated by ideas.

Despite grouping my creative efforts into projects I see my work as an experimental continuum. My main tools are drawing and painting, while photography, audio and video are disciplines which contribute to feed my creative drive.

The aesthetic ideas that become concrete in my work are organized in axes that confront opposing concepts, like ends of the same rope: idealism and realism, rupture and continuity, detachment and surrender, society and the individual. In my method I also distinguish two different forces that I try to balance. On the one hand, intuitive thought grants me an immediate, clear and distinct vision of an image, concept or emotion. On the other hand, an opposed deductive force appears, in which reason and knowledge come into play.

Luis Vassallo

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