Fuga (Fugue) is a series of drawings and paintings based on Velázquez’s “Las Meninas”, and specifically focused on the study that Picasso made of it. In this exhibition Vassallo is avoiding more erudite quotes in order to explore a well-known work of art.
Infanta I, 2016, 
óleo sobre lienzo, 55 x 46 cm.
A Baroque fugue is a musical piece  composed by using repetitions and variations of a single motif. When a painter quotes another, he too creates a new variation. In that reverberation, a new interpretation that includes both is created. Thus, this exhibition reveals the structure of a matryoshka which contains different moments, some of them encapsulated within the others, building up towards a counterpoint that binds them together.

A fugue is also an inner escape. In the film
Inception, the characters are carried into a self-constructed dream, and once there, they immerse themselves into another dream. Every time that one of them goes into the next dream layer, the realities left behind slow down their times. I would like to think that something similar happens on this exhibition. In 1656 Velázquez was looking trough a mirror to achieve his portrait. Sixty years ago Picasso was in the same room, and later after him, hundreds of artists have immerse themselves within the same motif. Among them I also have seen myself immersed and I have been able to enjoy a slower time. To work in those conditions is to create a space in which time doesn’t seem to be wasted, but on the contrary, produced.  

Luis Vassallo
Menina I, 2016,
óleo sobre lienzo, 55 x 46 cm.
Menina III, 2016,
óleo sobre lienzo, 73 x60 cm.

Fuga de Luis Vassallo
Del 9 de febrero al 18 marzo

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El hastío de Velázquez (Velazquez’s Fatigue), 2016, 
óleo sobre lienzo, 55 x 46 cm.
Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future
And time future contained in time past.

T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

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From February 25th to April 2nd 

Danza Lunar 
Pintura mural (wall painting)
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